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The Inflammation & Aging Reset

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My inflammation and arthritis are much, much better. I can stand and walk for long periods without my feet aching. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds. My energy level has improved, I now feel like working in my yard!

– Michele B.
Five Stars
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My arthritis is gone, I have lost 35 pounds and my swelling in arms and ankles has disappeared.

– Sue G.
Five Stars
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I have lost and continue to lose weight without dieting, my pain and inflammation are gone, my mind is clearer than it has been in years, and I have continuous energy all day.

– Lisa G.
Five Stars
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Thank God I came across Dr. Cole on Facebook. I watched his video and instantly felt he understood my health issues. I feel so much better and don’t have all the body aches and pains, and I’ve lost weight.

– Yolanda S.
Five Stars
Yolanda S. headshot

My whole family has benefitted from my knowledge gained through this. I am back to feeling as energetic as I was a few years ago, with less pain, easier movement, have lost 20 lbs and gotten rid of my headaches along with many other little wins I didn’t expect.

– Angela H.
Five Stars
Angela H. headshot

I saw reduced pain, weight loss, a huge increase in energy and optimism and joy I hadn’t felt for years. Pain continued to disappear, I lost 30 lbs, I actually began to sleep and awaken refreshed. I was able to stop my prescription meds for sleep and anxiety. My thyroid numbers improved as did blood sugar and cholesterol. I am about to leave on a hiking and horseback riding vacation I would never have been able to manage five months ago.

– Connie M.
Five Stars
Connie M. headshot

Almost immediately the pain started to lessen. Within just a few days I could see the scale start to move DOWN. Then I noticed my clothes started to feel looser. I could think with clarity instead of all that fog. Soon I noticed I could cook a whole meal from prep to dishes without sitting down to rest.

– Ann T.

Five Stars
Ann T. headshot

I saw Dr. Cole on Facebook and his message was about not feeling well and healing my body from the inside out (from a cellular level) – I felt like he was talking to me! And guess what? He was! I quickly found out that his message, detoxing, changing the way I think about my day and my food and learning to eat the proper foods, really was the answer I was looking for. The first thing I noticed was that my inflammation went away. Then my brain fog lifted. Then my energy went up. I’m excited to continue this way of living – it truly was one of the best decisions I’ve made (to watch and listen). I can follow this the rest of my life because I have learned ways that make me feel better. And the best part of all? When I feel better I know that I can do more without hesitation and I can do a better job helping others around me. And that’s the best part of all.

– Gail L.
Five Stars
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