How I Freed Myself From Thyroid Problems 
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  •  FCH Strategy Session: Over the last few years we've been lucky enough to become the #1 true cellular detox practice in the nation. Work 1 on 1 with with us to come up with a clear strategy to reach your health goals. And if, at the end our your call, you would like our help in executing and reaching your goals just let us know, ($497 Value)
  •  NeuroToxicity Assessment: This test was designed by one of the leading toxicity experts in the world (The government flew him in to assess the Flint Michigan water crisis) and I had to pay him a lot of money to get him to allow me to offer this to you! This is an amazing tool we use to assess what rule toxins are playing in your cellular health so we know exactly how we need to proceed. ($49.99 Value)
  •  My Secret Cell Health Test: This is an at home urine test, and is 50 times more accurate than any blood test. It will instantly show you how damaged your cells are which is the #1 answer that you must have if you plan on reclaiming your health and your future. ($100 Value)
  •  Fewer than 150 tests left in stock. Once they're gone this offer will have to end.
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"It's awesome! No more thyroid meds!! Thank you so much!!"
- Ashley Erich
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